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Our team is made up of talented men and women who know a lot about their profession and yet are never tired of developing themselves.

msk-team-stellenanzeige-transparentWould you like to work together with us on exciting projects for our customers? Would you like to contribute your creative potential in a relaxed atmosphere and make our customers happy in a responsible way?

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We believe in the great potential of people. Those who come to us not only learn to master their subject, but also an interdisciplinary way of thinking, which will also benefit them in their future careers.
We don’t just think outside the box, we also look at the other tables! Because only those who keep the overview can correctly classify the relevance of facts and optimally use their resources and capacities.

You didn’t find the position you were looking for, but still think you would fit in the MIT-SCHMIDT Team?
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Full-Time Jobs

Part-Time Job

There are currently no vacancies for part-time jobs.


You are young, you have just left school or university and now want to start your career? Then apply for an apprenticeship with us!
Ideally, you should bring along time for a previous internship where we can get to know each other and put ourselves through our paces!