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Medical PR

Medicine PR

PR in the name of Health

The misconception that advertising, PR and marketing are taboo for doctors, dentists or pharmacists is still widespread today. The fact is, however, that the bans under the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act have been increasingly liberalised in recent years. What was impossible ten years ago is not only allowed today, but is often desired and necessary.

The reasons for public relations and marketing in the field of medicine are obvious: health is a rare and expensive commodity. Competition on the market – among clinics and hospitals as well as among general practitioners – is growing. A physician in private practice is no longer just a doctor, but also an entrepreneur. According to current surveys, doctors describe their market economy situation as highly satisfactory. The fight for private patients has been going on for years and is getting harder and harder. Even large hospital companies are under cost pressure and pressure to cut costs.

Physicians live on reputation, communication and motivation

In order to assert oneself as a doctor or clinic company in the healthcare sector, a good reputation is therefore absolutely essential. Services and innovations must be communicated regularly to partners, referring physicians and patients. Internally, interesting news and positive feedback provide motivation and identification for the employees of your practice or clinic.

Medical PR or healthcare PR differs fundamentally from other topics in the field of public relations. Strict regulations and legal requirements are constantly creating new challenges, so that communication in the health sector can be described as a separate discipline of PR. But although medical PR means sensitive and responsible action with public relations instruments, more media and opportunities are open to us today than ever before. Health and medicine are topics that have long since found their place in the print press, online on the Internet and in the social media sector (for example on Facebook and Twitter).

MIT-SCHMIDT – we are specialized in medicine and healthcare

In this context, medical PR makes an important contribution to improving patient education. As a PR agency, we take the need for information regarding health and healthcare seriously. We identify topics and create points of contact, seek suitable channels for credible communication among the media and make direct and indirect contact with patients, interested parties and relatives for doctors and clinics.

We prepare important information about our clinic or doctor customers in a way that is understandable to the layperson, but nevertheless technically correct, and position medical experts and healthcare products in a factual and serious framework. We explain new forms of diagnosis and therapy and prepare patients and their relatives for treatment or surgery in this way. This promotes compliance and contributes not insignificantly to a successful course of treatment and thus to patient satisfaction.

On social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as in forums in the health sector, we also offer the possibility of direct and personal exchange, since patient opinions often have a subjectively higher credibility than the statement of an expert.

  • Clearing up

    Wir transportieren Informationen laienverständlich und fachlich korrekt an Patienten.

  • Sachlich & seriös

    Mit einer seriösen Darstellung steigt Ihre Reputation und wird Ihre Fachkenntnis betont.

  • Zielgruppen-Dialog

    Mit modernen Werkzeugen wie Social Media treten Sie in Dialog mit Ihren Patienten und all jenen, die ansprechen wollen.

In short, we use public relations to persuade our customers from practices and clinics in a variety of ways. As an agency with its own medical unit, we have excellent contacts to the relevant editorial offices of both the specialist and the general public media. In this way, we repeatedly succeed in placing major publications in which our experts are named and quoted. All actions of our public relations work follow a strategy specially designed for the respective customer. Where appropriate and relevant, we sometimes use advertising methods, integrate them into our public relations activities and thus generate valuable synergies. Apart from this, we organize cooperation’s with medical technology manufacturers who subsidize our public relations work and thus facilitate financing for you. This makes agency work affordable even for smaller practices.

Do you have any questions about public relations for medicine and health? Then get in touch with our agency. We look forward to your call!

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