Hospital Marketing

Hospital Marketing

Trust is good, advertising is better

Competition among clinics and hospitals is growing continuously. The health care sector has expanded into a gigantic market with its own rules. Clinics are increasingly faced with the challenge of attracting the attention of patients, referring doctors and specialist staff.

For several years now, clinics have increasingly used the possibilities of strategic marketing to communicate unique selling points, innovations and services to their customers. The aim is to use targeted communication to shape the medical care facility as a brand in the public eye and in this way to build up a sustainable, trustworthy image.

Clinic marketing influences the perception of patients and relatives in this way, on the other hand it improves the contact to referring doctors and strengthens the reputation of the clinic with health insurance companies and the competition. Marketing can also have a positive effect on the existing shortage of skilled nursing staff if the clinic knows how to present itself as a good employer: For example, internal marketing usually strengthens the identification of the existing staff with the clinic and at the same time increases its attractiveness for qualified applicants.

In addition to a modern homepage and advertising materials such as flyers and brochures, which correspond to the corporate design of the clinic, professional hospital marketing nowadays also includes online marketing and social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, it is best to combine marketing with hospital PR and to be represented as a clinic with services and experts in newspapers and magazines. Professionally staged TV and radio features also contribute to increasing awareness and credibility. Strategic referral management is also recommended to address referring physicians and retain existing referring physicians.

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