Doctors Marketing

Doctors Marketing

For a healthy standing on the market

As a doctor, you know that every patient is unique. That is why you as the practitioner have a high responsibility. But also every practice with its services and focuses is different. This should be visible – especially in times when doctors are struggling with so much competition. A little advertising as a doctor can therefore do no harm – according to the motto: “Do good and talk about it”.

A little advertising as a doctor can do no harm – according to the motto: “Do good and talk about it”.

Many doctors have now recognized that success without strategic marketing of doctors is difficult to achieve. Private patients and statutory health insurance patients who are prepared to pay for certain services such as IGeL must be approached in a targeted manner and bound for as long as possible. Medical competence makes a decisive contribution to this – but also factors such as an appealing homepage, positive evaluations on the Internet or an appearance as an expert in the media.

Marketing for doctors and dentists for more than 10 years

Perhaps you as a doctor have already tried yourself in the marketing of doctors and have found that effective advertising is difficult to accomplish alongside the everyday life of a practice. As an advertising agency with our own unit in the fields of medicine and health, we have been successfully looking after doctors, dentists, clinics, MVZs and alternative practitioners since 2004. We would also like to support you in communicating your unique selling points and to achieve a secure standing on the market. We have basic medical knowledge, speak the language patients understand, and have the methodological know-how to bring your practice into the public eye both online and offline. We develop an individual and sustainable strategy for every practice and immediately take care of things that are often neglected, such as an appealing corporate design or a clear Internet presence. We are also strong in online marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogger community).

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