Medical Practice Marketing

Medical Practice Marketing

Advertising for general practitioners

In the course of health reforms, competition among physicians in private practice is growing continuously. Apart from that, patients today are much more autonomous and better informed. It is no longer a secret that most of them find their doctor via Google, forums and rating portals on the Internet. In addition to the services offered, local proximity and office hours, completely different factors are decisive for the choice of doctor than before – for example, an appealing homepage or a patient recommendation on the Internet.

In order to gain the attention and trust of patients and to stand out from competing practices, doctors must therefore be more than just good doctors: they must also act entrepreneurially and advertise their practice (marketing). This is the only way for them to find specific private patients as well as statutory health insurance patients who also request fee-based services such as IGeL.

However, most doctors have hardly any time for marketing in their daily lives. However, only carrying out one or two measures from time to time rarely leads to success, but usually only costs time and money. For this reason, more and more doctors and dentists are choosing to outsource practice marketing to an experienced service provider such as a specialized marketing agency.

We are the marketing specialists for practices and doctors

MIT-SCHMIDT Communication is an agency that has been carrying out professional practice marketing for doctors and dentists since 2004. We offer a wide range of services – from logo design and the creation of your own website to complete equipment with flyers, brochures and catalogues for your medical practice. We are also experienced in online marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter) and show you how you can use these Internet tools safely and profitably for your medical practice.

No matter whether you are a general practitioner or dentist, whether you have already tried yourself in practice marketing or have just learned of this opportunity: We help your practice to more attractiveness, attention and (economic) success! Since we are aware of the fact that not every medical practice floats in money, we offer practice marketing with individual packages of measures at attractive conditions appropriate to performance. In addition, we often succeed in further reducing costs for you through PR measures and cooperation marketing.

If you would like to know more about practice marketing, please contact us by phone or e-mail! Our experienced team is looking forward to meeting you. On our website you will also find a list of our references.

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