Public Relations

Public Relations

Professional PR consulting

At MIT-SCHMIDT Communication, all clients are looked after by an experienced PR consultant. PR consulting does not start somewhere in the media world, but first and foremost with you personally: Who are you, where do you want to go, what goals should presswork pursue with you?

If you wish, we can offer you a full range of services in the areas of public relations, marketing, social media and much more. It does not matter whether your company is based in Hamburg or Munich, in Germany or abroad, as we maintain contact with both national and international media and opinion leaders.

PR – individual like a made-to-measure suit

It is always important for our PR consultants to know whether they have already carried out public relations, marketing or social media measures on their own and what response they have received. Together we discuss potentials and possible dead ends and develop an individual strategy to approach the media. Public relations thus works a little bit as if you would be made a custom-made suit: If you want to perform convincingly, everything has to be right for you!

PR consulting at MIT-SCHMIDT Communication in Germany is consulting by Mensch von Mensch. We know how people tick, what they want and we know the media seduction tricks with which supply and demand can be attractively combined. Our PR consultants have learned to strike the right note in every situation and to act sensitively when faced with special challenges.

If you are looking for successful public relations for your company, your products or your brands, please come to us.

For the initial contact, our PR consultants are available to you at any time by telephone or e-mail.

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