Lifestyle PR

Lifestyle is lifestyle. The term includes fashion and fashion, leisure and luxury, entertainment and pleasure. The more things make our lives more beautiful and easier, the more the subjective quality of life increases.

It is not what we need that is decisive, but what we want. But who tells us what we should want? And what belongs to lifestyle for whom?

Classic advertising is reaching its limits in these questions more and more quickly. Unlike a few years ago, one-way messages no longer work in modern marketing. Instead, companies must ask themselves where and how their brands and products can play a role in the lives of consumers. The focus is not on the product itself, but on what concerns people. For this reason, brand success is always linked to emotions.

The task of Lifestyle PR is to give the product a role in this context. It is not just a matter of making a brand known. Successful lifestyle PR also promotes communication around the brand or product and conveys positive experiences – for example through a prominent advocate. To this end, it uses various media and communication channels: Print media, online media, Facebook, Internet, TV, events and much more.

Own unit for Lifestyle-PR for more than 10 years

The PR agency MIT-SCHMIDT Communication has its own area for lifestyle PR. We have a sure knack for exciting topics, we know how to knit stories around products and then to make them appealing to editorial offices and the media. Lifestyle PR can no longer be imagined without public relations on the Internet, blogger relations and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more Facebook friends a brand or a product has, the more shares there are, the more people believe that it is a real must-have that promises a special benefit or at least a high feel-good factor.

Our agency’s communication experts will be happy to advise you on how your brand or product can seduce your customers and perhaps even set a trend. If you are interested in a non-binding initial consultation, simply contact us by telephone or e-mail.

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