Beauty PR

Beauty PR

Beauty is an ideal that almost all of us strive for. We worry about our figure, our skin and our hair and are sometimes really afraid of getting older. This applies to women as well as men.

Accordingly, the market for beauty products such as body and face care is booming and at the same time highly competitive. Consumers are literally flooded with new products and beauty trends. In this oversupply, it is very difficult for the individual manufacturer to hold its own. Nowadays it is no longer enough for a beauty product to convince with its effect. Rather, marketing is about building a lasting emotional connection and a lasting contact to the customer.

Strategically well thought-out PR is able to stage beauty products into the lifestyle of one or more target groups and in this way even set real trends in some cases. But it’s not only the trend that matters – after all, you want to establish yourself permanently on the market, no matter how fast-moving it is. By not only bringing products and brands to the media, but also presenting the company and its values, Beauty-PR can achieve lasting effects in public relations and can effectively support sales in the long term. Supporting measures from marketing and social media should be used effectively in order to achieve a maximum, sustainable effect on the market.

PR since 2004 – own Beauty Unit since 2006

MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation has not only experience in public relations and marketing for beauty products and brands, but also in the field of medical beauty, i.e. aesthetic medicine. This special constellation enables us to offer not only attention-grabbing PR measures, marketing campaigns or Facebook campaigns, but also cooperation with medical experts, which gives you a special degree of credibility. With the help of prominent test persons (testimonials) and seeds as well as appearances at relevant trade fairs and events, we also support your company in attracting attention and gaining the trust of consumers in the long term.

If you have any questions or are interested in Beauty-PR, please do not hesitate to contact our competent team. During a telephone conversation we can discuss together, which goals Beauty-PR should achieve for you and which forms of cooperation can be meaningful in your case.

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