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A refreshing affair with us!

The German beverage market is complex and almost unmanageable. New products are continuously flooding the market. Only by acting quickly in this constantly changing sector will beverage companies be able to adapt to the new situation and thus create the conditions to survive on the market in the long term.

While Germans’ thirst for beer is declining, other segments of the beverage industry may expand. Manufacturers of mineral water and soft drinks have been benefiting from the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages for some time now. According to the associations, per capita consumption of these beverages rose record-breakingly in 2011. In addition, thirsty people all over the world are increasingly looking for healthy alternatives to conventional soft drinks such as sodas or artificially tasting energy drinks. Sales of nectars and fruit juices are also collapsing – apart from those with additional benefits. Currently in demand are sporty drinks, often low in calories and with positive effects on health and well-being.

Cold coffee? We promise sparkling PR with sparkling enthusiasm!

Cold coffee? We promise sparkling PR with sparkling enthusiasm – whether sparkling wine or seltzer: We know what your target group wants in the coming season and use our PR experience accordingly. With sparkling PR texts we find the right words to appreciate even a noble drop in an appropriate tone. Bubbling enthusiasm in the organization of PR projects, a hot line to beverage journalists and never cold coffee in the selection of topics – this is what makes our PR work so unique. We also swim in the social media channels of Facebook, Twitter and Co. and make a lot of noise – even for still water. Waiting and drinking tea is not our strategy. With surprising PR events and attention-grabbing PR campaigns on the occasion of important industry events, our PR experts are always at the forefront of the bar of good ideas.  It is particularly effective when we combine different PR measures into a colourful cocktail and benefit from the synergies.

Our customers Vita Coco, Kenzai Tee, SHATLER´s Cocktails and Yeni Raki as well as several wineries for which we have done PR in the past know that the glass is never half empty with us.

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