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Doctors PR

Welcome to your PR agency for Doctors and Health

Every doctor setting up his own practice becomes an entrepreneur at the same time. Although he really wants to focus on the well-being of his patients, he now also has to deal with business management issues. Business management topics also include public relations and marketing – not least after the general ban on advertising for doctors and health professionals was lifted in Germany in 2000. This opens up many new communication opportunities for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

But why is medical PR necessary at all? In recent years and decades, the competitive pressure in the health and medical sector has increased enormously. Anyone who does not stand out from the crowd as a service provider will quickly be left behind. Patients, on the other hand, are much more enlightened and critical when it comes to choosing a doctor. Many would like to get an idea of the services and experience of the physician in advance. Apart from this, the public has a great general interest in health topics and wants to be comprehensively informed so that it can find its way through the jungle of various offers from doctors’ and specialists’ practices as well as health insurance services and IGeL in Germany.

As a PR agency for doctors, we support you with professional public relations work to show your profile and inspire trust. We provide patients and interested parties with information about your services and of course always have the marketing of IGeL in mind. We focus on relevant topics, position you as experts in the print and online press and, if desired, also use the social media channels (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). Thanks to our excellent contacts to both specialist and general media, we are often able to launch even large articles with a large reach in the press.

Good PR for doctors must get things moving – but certainly not cost much

You think doctor’s PR must cost a fortune after all? As we have already looked after numerous doctors as a PR agency, we know that small practices in particular often have little budget available for public relations or marketing. Nevertheless, PR and marketing are often vital, especially for small and specialized practices. That’s why we also develop completely individual, smart and cost-effective ideas for addressing patients.

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative PR agency for doctors, please contact us without obligation. In a telephone consultation we can realistically assess your situation and make you an initial suggestion for effective and meaningful PR measures.

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