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Until a few years ago, presswork in hospitals was mostly pure crisis PR. A scandal in medicine was usually followed by more or less lurid media coverage, to which PR measures had to be taken in order to regain the trust of patients and referring physicians as much as possible. Today, public relations work for clinics is completely different, more sustainable: The aim of public relations at hospitals is to draw the public’s professional attention to their services and their unique selling points. This is imperative as competition in the market becomes increasingly fierce.

In order to remain fit for the future, clinics must profile their core services and meet the demand for more information services – not least against the background of the health reforms, the public interest and also that of the media in the institution of hospitals and medicine in general is growing. Patients and their relatives want competence, transparency and trustworthiness from a good hospital. In terms of this horizon of expectations, clinics are much better off with classical PR or public relations work than with pure marketing. Nevertheless, marketing should not be underestimated – when dosed correctly; it can have a big impact in the right place.

In addition to patients and relatives, referring doctors and nursing services also want to be provided with news and information. Referrers in particular are important multipliers: the better doctors in private practices are informed about the clinic’s services, the better they can inform their patients and make recommendations for a clinic or hospital.

Expertise in press relations for hospitals and clinics

While some large hospitals have their own press office, small and medium-sized clinics often work with PR agencies that specialise in PR for clinics and hospitals. The advantage of an external service provider such as MIT-SCHMIDT Communication is that it can often provide enriching impulses through a trained, objective view from outside and the experience gained from working with other clinics.

Our PR concepts are strategic and long-term oriented and include not only classic print PR but also innovative marketing ideas, online PR, TV and radio features as well as social media (Facebook and Twitter). We have numerous contacts to various media and especially medical editorial offices. This enables us to position clinics nationwide through many different channels with a strong image in the press and on the healthcare market. Due to the holistic orientation of our measures, we also involve referring doctors and medical technology manufacturers in our PR campaigns and let our customers benefit from the synergy effects created in this way.

No matter whether you are a hospital for basic and standard care or one of the main clinics: We will be happy to advise you without obligation. Simply contact our PR experts by e-mail or telephone. You will also find a list of our references on our website. We look forward to seeing you!

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