Medical Practice PR

Medical Practice PR

We make you fit for the healthcare market!

As a general practitioner or group practice you do not always have it easy. The relationship between doctor and patient has become more complicated in recent years and decades. One reason for this is that patients are increasingly well informed about health issues and are therefore more critical when choosing a doctor. Another reason is the consequences of the health reform – among other things, the fact that former health insurance services now have to be paid for out of one’s own pocket arouses great scepticism among many patients. Advertising for IGeL does not necessarily make a doctor more likeable and credible. But if it does not, it has a bad hand in the highly competitive health market.

How can Medical Practice PR help you in this situation?

First of all, it is a matter of developing or maintaining a good reputation. Every medical practice has its focal points. These are interesting for all people from the surrounding area and often also nationwide – for example for health insurance companies, medical organisations, clinics or journalists. Therefore it is important for every doctor to communicate his core competencies and successes. Qualified practice PR helps him in this.

In contrast to advertising and marketing, public relations are not primarily aimed at improving sales results, but rather at values such as professional competence, quality of treatment, care, integrity and empathy in dealing with patients and relatives. The demand for additional medical services is thus rather indirectly promoted by PR in practices. This is mainly due to the fact that PR focuses on content and objectivity, which supports the claim of credibility. Public relations work is therefore never advertising, even if it can sometimes benefit from a connection with individual marketing measures.

Public Relations / Press work for Doctors and Practices of Specialists

Before we start with practical PR for our clients, we first analyse your initial situation and ask you about your previous PR activities and their effects. We at MIT-SCHMIDT Communication then develop an individual strategy for successful communication. To this end, we explore relevant topics, which we prepare into factual, layman-understandable information in order to then distribute these articles specifically to the press, opinion leaders on the Internet and/or directly to patients and interested parties. We include all channels and media – including social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Through good and personal contact to all trade and public media – we have been on the market since 2004 – we succeed time and again in producing large-format publications with a high reach in which we can position you as experts by name. We are also happy to support you in planning an event or communicating with patients, for example on evaluation portals on the Internet as well as on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are interested in practical PR, simply call our agency and arrange a non-binding initial consultation. You can reach our competent team daily between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm.

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