Crisis PR

Crisis PR

In an emergency you need professional help in PR

Crises can hit any company these days. The only important thing is how to react to the public in this situation – ideally in such a way that there is no loss of trust and image among customers. In a crisis or a shitstorm, crisis communication is the tool of choice. And certainly not to bury one’s head in the sand. Because according to Watzlawick, “You can’t not communicate”. Ignoring hostility usually only makes the situation worse.

Reacting quickly and prudently with crisis PR during the crisis

The earlier and more comprehensive you start, the more effective crisis communication becomes. As a PR agency, we have already successfully accompanied several clients through severe crises. This enables us to draw up a crisis plan for you in the shortest possible time, taking into account legal and political issues, for example. We are in constant contact with numerous media and know journalists and their special way of informing the world about crises in companies. With this knowledge, we can direct reports in a targeted manner.

Crisis communication measures must always be appropriate to the situation. We advise you on the tools (press release, TV appearance, use of social media channels) to avert the negative consequences of the crisis.

With MIT-SCHMIDT through the storm of crisis

Whether your company may be facing a crisis or whether it has already occurred – we will help you. Contact us at any time by phone or e-mail and take advantage of our free initial consultation!

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