Blogger Relations

Blogger Relations

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Bloggers are often mentioned in the same breath as journalists. But bloggers don’t work for the media – and don’t want to be treated that way. Bloggers usually write out of passion, devote themselves arbitrarily to a topic that interests them personally, and do not follow the rules of journalism. Sometimes they don’t write for a while if nothing happens that fits into their blog’s world.

Nevertheless, bloggers have become more popular than Facebook friends and Twitter followers when it comes to attracting multipliers and influencers on the Internet. Dealing with bloggers is called blogger relations. The aim here is to address the right bloggers correctly – with the aim of launching an article on a product or brand in a blog.

However, blogs are not cheap PR platforms that take over a company’s press releases on a one-to-one basis. So you can do things wrong with Blogger-Relations. For example, many companies simply act on the watering can principle and send unsolicited e-mails and information to bloggers, which are completely uninteresting for the majority and do not meet the requirements of the blogs. Since bloggers are usually very well networked with each other, such faux pas quickly spread in the network community – which can permanently damage the reputation of the brand or the company.

MIT-SCHMIDT Communication – Your agency for blogger relations

As a social media agency, we know that blogger relations can only be targeted and successful with authentic information. We identify influential bloggers, address them individually with the appropriate topics and gain their trust in this way. When it comes to blogger relations for products, testing and seeding actions as well as blogger events have also proved their worth.

We are reliable and credible contacts for all questions and maintain professional manners even in difficult contacts.

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