Healthcare Marketing

Marketing for Health and Pharmaceuticals


Clinics and hospitals, doctors in private practice, pharmacies and health service providers all face the same problem today: with quality and performance alone, they can no longer survive under the growing competitive pressure in the health market. The reasons for this lie in the changes that have taken place in the course of health reforms, but also in the increasing enlightenment of patients. Those who feel ill today usually ask their doctor on the Internet first: Dr. Google. The next step is often dependent on a doctor’s evaluation or the current offer of an Internet pharmacy.

What to do? The solution is healthcare marketing (medical marketing), i.e. measures in the areas of marketing and communication that strengthen the external image of an institution, a company, a service or a product and contribute to differentiation in the market for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In recent years, the focus of Healthcare Marketing has increasingly shifted from conventional media such as brochures, flyers and advertisements to campaigns on the Internet. One of the key success factors is a professional website that informs patients and interested parties in an understandable way about services and offers and at the same time provides them with topics and tips from the health sector. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or a blog can also be part of effective healthcare marketing.

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In short, the possibilities of marketing for health and pharmaceuticals today are greater than ever before. This increases the opportunities for good communication, but also the risks. Therefore, in this special business field you should specifically turn to an agency that knows your needs and speaks the language of your customers: MIT-SCHMIDT Communication has been successfully supporting customers from the health and healthcare sector for over ten years and knows the special requirements of this complex market, the latest developments and legal guidelines. This makes us a competent and trustworthy partner.