WAL Academy by Human Med

Human Med launches the WAL Academy – From the experts of today for the experts of tomorrow

Liposuction is not just liposuction. There are various methods for performing this procedure. The water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) has proven itself for years and is highly favored by users and patients alike. Human Med AG, which manufactures the medical devices for the WAL method, will launch its latest innovation on March 19 – the WAL Academy. This is a virtual, platform-based resource center focusing on the WAL method, its applications and the opportunities it offers. Renowned experts, who have successfully applied the method for years and are eager to pass on their knowledge to other interested medical professionals, present the video tutorials.

W for WAL, W for Wisdom

The WAL Academy by Human Med is an educational platform offering a variety of opportunities to expand and deepen knowledge of the treatment method. The aim is to learn from practical experience rather than just theory. The academy brings the WAL method to life. In addition to educational video tutorials and background knowledge, interactive webinars as well as training and observation opportunities are available. Surgeons will have the unique opportunity to learn about methods and products related to the water-jet assisted liposuction from highly qualified tutors and mentors – in a practical and understandable mix of on-demand and exclusive live content. The multimedia content is supplemented with a wealth of valuable material, including scientific studies, articles, and practical guides on the WAL method.

Focus on Interaction

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Focus on Interaction

From aesthetic body contouring to various autologous fat grafting procedures – the patented WAL method has gained popularity worldwide in recent years. „To meet the growing interest, Human Med aims to create knowledge transfer between WAL users and a new international generation of doctors with the WAL Academy. This can improve treatment quality in the long term, reduce barriers to use, while simultaneously establishing a global information center for WAL, lipedema treatment, autologous fat transfer, and SVF-based regenerative medicine, as well as establishing a worldwide training program for WAL experts,“ explains Dr. Stephan Aldinger, CEO of Human Med AG.

Sneak Peek – Overview of Contents

Diverse, practical, sometimes on-demand or interactive – the extensive knowledge about the WAL method has been thoroughly prepared. The content is continuously expanded and supplemented. Knowledge transfer mostly occurs online, but physical sessions in the operating rooms of WAL experts are also part of the academy’s philosophy.


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Human Med AG, located in Schwerin, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of medical devices for water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL). Founded in 2004, the company sets standards in the field of natural body shaping with its innovative product portfolio. In addition to the numerous applications in aesthetic plastic surgery, Human Med AG’s product solutions are also used in reconstructive plastic and regenerative surgery. The medical technology manufacturer employs around 60 people.




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