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Are you looking for a PR agency or marketing agency in Germany with special expertise in the fields of medicine, lifestyle, food and fitness? Congratulations, then you’ve come to the right place! We are an owner-managed agency for PR, marketing, social media and influencer relations in Germany, which has been operating successfully in corporate PR, product PR and brand PR since 2004. We accompany our customers with our expertise, a large portion of passion and a lot of verve – no matter whether start-up or large corporation!

We advise conceptually and communicatively from the idea to the implementation of a campaign. Instead of prefabricated standard concepts, our customers receive individual, target-oriented and integrated solutions that also take into account sales aspects. As a PR agency, we benefit from our close proximity to publishing houses and media in Hamburg and have access to a large regional and national network of decision-makers and opinion-makers.

Since Web 2.0 has become a hotline to consumers, we are happy to help you in our function as a social media and blogger relations agency. We have mastered the keyboard of digital communication and know how to optimally reach target groups via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google or Pinterest. Let our competent social media experts advise you and be amazed at how the number of your fans, likes and visits skyrockets!

Whether you are in Hamburg or Honolulu – we look forward to your call or e-mail.

Your MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation Team

PR-Agency in Germany

Public relations, press work is not an art. It is the synthesis of craftsmanship, network and creativity. Our team in the PR agency has a special talent for creating lasting co

Cnnections and trust. Communication specialists, in other words. Therefore many enterprises outsource the ranges PR and marketing to a PR-agency like us. Because let’s face it: even the best dentist should not operate on an appendix, should he?

Are you looking for a creative, experienced and hungry PR agency? Then we should get to know each other. Because we love what we do

In the area of press relations, we have specialised as an agency in the thematic world of health, healthcare, medicine, lifestyle, food and fitness. True to the motto “Do good and talk about it”, we place companies, products and brands in the print and online media as well as in radio and TV, thus ensuring a positive image in a sustainable and credible way. Depending on which target group and which media we want to reach, our PR can be serious and sensitive, but also cheeky and unconventional. We are both B2B and B2C on the road.

Exciting communication

We make your brand shine with our communication.

A heart for healthy topics

Health is important to us. That’s why our range of topics covers everything that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

We are there for our customers

In an emergency also at night! Crisis PR and other time-critical incidents call for a quick reaction. MIT-SCHMIDT is always at your side in an emergency!

Influencer Marketing and Blogger Relations Agency in Germany

The boundaries between classic PR and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred. While there used to be clear boundaries between the individual disciplines, today’s communications agency masters a whole range of services and competencies. As early as 2015, for example, we recognized that Facebook, Instagram and Co. are important communication media whose professional handling has become a must for brands. With the BlogBox, we launched our own blogger project in 2015, which today comprises a pool of 1,500 bloggers and influencers.

But also when it comes to corporate image, job advertisements, flyer or brochure formats – we provide holistic and creative advice, always with the aim of maximising our customers’ corporate success.

We feel the pulse of brands

Our heart beats for exciting designs, heart-warming campaigns and rousing messages.

Strategy and tactics

Good communication requires not only knowledge of the industry, but above all a well thought-out strategy as a foundation. The correct rhythm of the measures defines the tactics. MIT-SCHMIDT has the brains and the feeling for it…

Social Media Agency and Blogger Relations from Germany

With all questions concerning content, context and conversation you are in the best hands with the Social Media Unit of our agency. It takes care of reach and interactions, identifies and binds target groups with attention-grabbing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter & Co. and combines the individual communication channels in Web 2.0.

Our broadly diversified network into the Blogger world creates further connection in the www. We meet with Bloggern, organize info. evenings with Kochevents with us in the agency and elsewhere. We bind bloggers to brands and turn them into credible brand ambassadors. But be careful – we are very selective. Not every blogger fits every brand and vice versa.

Are you concerned about unpredictable effects and have you avoided social media or blogger relations so far? Don’t worry – with the right know-how, waterproof strategies and clever implementation, success is always on your side. We will be happy to advise you on which social media campaigns are useful for your purposes and explain how we avoid possible risks.

Fair prices

You can buy Porsche, Golf or Smart quality from us. The price/performance ratio is always top! Just get in touch with us!

Feels like home

Once you have been with us, you will feel right at home! Surprisingly, we are often asked whether we should take off our shoes at our agency. NO. You don’t have to – but you can – because we have nice underfloor heating. Why don’t you just drop by for a cup of coffee and see for yourself?

Management of MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation GmbH

The Creative PowerNaciye Schmidt – Managing Directors

The boss – better known as the incarnation of creativity – regularly surprises with crazy ideas and ingenious concepts. The managing director and owner of MIT-SCHMIDT Communication, after many years as a PR consultant for national and international top brands from the lifestyle, food & beverage sectors, founded in 2004 what we can today call our second home. And that is what the agency really is! With Naciye at the top, we not only enjoy lots of fresh fruit and homemade lunch. In addition to balsam for our stomachs, there are also some for the soul. Always ready to listen, hug or laugh, Naciye is the good spirit of the agency. And they also love our customers for this authentic, heartfelt and open manner. Her great passion is contact: Bringing people, projects and ideas together – whether it is a great media cooperation or a new sales approach. When this creative whirlwind doesn’t turn into something unimaginable, Naciye prefers to dedicate her free time to her horses Dudi and Hensy and her cat Juri. By the way: Naciye is pronounced “Neitschi” and means “the called one – the one created for Paradise”. And even if she can’t just put the whole paradise at your feet, she will always honestly tell you what adjustments could be made to her communication to make her business even more successful. I promise!

The ones with the license to use the phoneAnne Katrin Kohlmorgen – Senior PR and Social Media Consultant

Actually, you have to name Anne in the same breath as Naciye, because the long-time companion forms a perfect medal with the managing director, whose both sides are irreplaceable for us as a team and also for the customers. On the one hand the creative whirlwind Naciye, on the other hand the down-to-earth Anne who keeps an eye on everything. She studied communication management very successfully before she entered the professional world of PR in 2011 and worked her way up the individual rungs of the career ladder at MIT-SCHMIDT by the inexperienced volunteer.

Perhaps it is because the 28-year-old lives a healthy and relaxed approach in her private life, which earns her so much ground that she doesn’t throw anything off course so quickly. Sometimes we also suspect that Anne secretly assimilated Hermione Granger’s time reverser. At least as far as her after-work activities are concerned: from her own travel blog to hand lettering, from club work in equestrian sports to book gobbling, Anne seems to have leased the time for herself. And the best thing about it – as efficiently as it deals with its own time, it also does so for that of its customers.

Our Keira Knightley
She is simply a customer, colleague, journalist, blogger, postman’s darling!
Frederike Braun – Assistant Social Media and Public Relations

Fredi is all but in experience. She is anything but small is included. The native of Hamburg has been part of the team for almost a year and is already a big player in the business. From the acquisition of bloggers to the creation of websites, from classical press work to the development of social media concepts, she has worked on many projects and proved her versatile talent. We are convinced that the 20-year-old will outgrow many others out there. Until then we are happy to have her and enjoy her friendly company. And sometimes she’s pale with envy when she talks about her boyfriend. His parents have a flower shop; and now guess for whom it regularly rains red roses…

Medical Advisory Board

For risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist… and that’s exactly what we do!

If we do not understand something, we draw on the extensive expertise of our medical advisory board. He advises us in all medical questions and gives us important impulses in our work. As an independent advisory board, he ensures that we are not only good in our PR work, but also always up to date with the latest scientific developments

Prof. Dr. George Khoury

Prof. Dr. George Khoury
Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Specialist in Oral Surgery

Dr. med. Njde Hambarchian | Facharzt für Plastisch-Rekonstruktive und Ästhetische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Njde Hambarchian
Specialist for Plastic-Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. med. Pontus Harten | Internist und Rheumatologe

Dr. med. Pontus Harten
Internist (specialist for internal medicine), rheumatologist, emergency doctor, diploma for acupuncture, certificate for kinesio- taping

Customer Testimonials

The cooperation with the PR and marketing agency MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation GmbH started in April 2007, when CiC had only 15 locations in Germany and the clinic concept was still in the initial phase.
MIT-SCHMIDT took over the brand development at this time. In the conceptual and strategic area, the agency developed the relevant values and core messages of CiC, developed advertising material and implemented marketing measures – in short: MIT-SCHMIDT made CiC an established brand with a high reputation in aesthetic plastic surgery through a high degree of professionalism and creativity within six years.Heinz-Peter Schwiegel
CEO Clinic im Centrum
The many years of cooperation with Ms. Schmidt and her team have always been characterised by transparency, prudence, maximum loyalty to our company, flexibility and absolute reliability. We would like to emphasize the communication competence and the eloquence in dealing with the press and media representatives as well as with partners and employees of our company. We can only recommend the cooperation with Ms. Schmidt and her team, because she has always been an unusually creative, competent, conscientious and efficient external partner, who, through her empathy and loyalty, quickly makes us forget her “external status”.Sandra Venohr –
Head of Marketing Sales Sunrise Senior Living GmbH
For a total of eight years, MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation GmbH was successfully responsible for the press work and marketing of RUNGIS express AG, Petit RUNGIS GmbH, the companies belonging to the Cool Chain Group Holding AG, Petit RUNGIS GmbH and CCG DE, a company specialising in refrigerated logistics, for the press and marketing of the Cool Chain Group Holding AG. The tasks of the agency included internal as well as external communication and social media activities.
MIT-SCHMIDT has accompanied us over all these years with the highest level of commitment, professional competence and creativity. The agency adapted itself optimally to the respective needs of the different internal contact persons. Due to their high degree of professionalism and loyalty, Ms. Schmidt and her team always acted strategically and sustainably.Christian Helms – CEO RUNGIS express AG

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