Which measures will lead you to success?

The term “marketing” is used as a synonym for advertising and means the orientation of a company towards a highly competitive market. This can involve activities oriented towards the end consumer (B2C) as well as trade partnerships with other companies (B2B).

The possibilities of modern advertising are countless. Fundamentally one differentiates in marketing between Online and Offline. The trend dissociates itself in the meantime ever more from one-way messages – as they mediate for example posters or announcements – and turns to an interaction and 360-Grad-Kommunikation with the customers, as it is among other things with direct marketing or dialogue marketing the case.

The high art of marketing is to minimize wastage with targeted messages and offers and to address the target groups individually. This is how marketing is designed effectively and sustainably. A good way to reduce marketing costs is, by the way, cooperation marketing, i.e. marketing with partners who serve the same target group.

Even if marketing is very strategic, it is still always a game with emotions, because emotions can facilitate or even automate purchasing decisions. While a no-name product convinces by its function and quality, the purchase decision in the case of a branded product is not only linked to product characteristics, but also to what the customer subjectively associates with the brand – for example trustworthiness or a certain brand tradition. Therefore, brand building or brand management is an important aspect of marketing.

MIT-SCHMIDT Kommunikation offers you a comprehensive range of services both in classical marketing and in online marketing. Thematically we have specialized in the topics medicine, lifestyle, food and beverages as well as sport and fitness. Of course we also work together with customers from other industries. We analyse your initial situation and recommend which marketing measures are most suitable for you, depending on the task at hand.

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