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This way your brand becomes a trend!

This way your brand becomes a trend!

Product and brand PR are closely interlinked. The stronger a brand is, the more familiar and credible it appears and the more personality it embodies, the better the associated products can be sold on the market.

The goals of brand PR are brand creation and the development of a brand personality, or – in the case of an already established brand – the change or sharpening of the brand in order to create an unmistakable and uniform brand image that offers your customers an optimal potential for identification.

While the goals of public relations for brands remain basically the same, the methods have evolved rapidly over the course of time. The high level of competition and fast-moving products (fast moving consumer goods) nowadays require a well thought-out management of potential topics and the careful exploration of events at which the brand can be presented. When it comes to media, brand PR is increasingly moving towards the web and social media. This is easy to explain, because the messages of a brand can be conveyed better and more credibly through people than through key visuals, image brochures or customer magazines. However, marketing must also not be underestimated – ideally, the PR and marketing measures should be coordinated and interlinked with one another in order to reach the target group in the best possible way. Corporate communications (corporate PR) and public relations for brands can also be combined very well.

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