Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

New friends for your company, your products and brands

Facebook marketing has become an integral part of many companies’ advertising of a product or brand. For many, the – always somewhat mysterious – reach that can be generated with Facebook is the first priority. Nevertheless, Facebook can also be used for brand building, sales growth, customer retention, employee acquisition or reputation enhancement.

What is Facebook Marketing?

A prerequisite for successful Facebook marketing is that users who are flooded with content on every corner of the Internet are not bored. Because to inspire many fans, you have to stand out from the crowd and offer users good content and added value. Many marketing experts who are not sufficiently involved with social media in general and Facebook in particular sometimes lack the right ideas. Especially at the beginning, when there are no existing Facebook friends, this is not so easy.

As an experienced social media agency, we know exactly how the world’s largest social network can be used to achieve lasting success for ourselves or with our own company on the Internet. We think of exciting topics, create exclusive content and set incentives so that visitors not only liken your Facebook page, but become friends and an authentic communication develops. We do not concentrate on Facebook alone, but integrate every action into your online marketing. An article or a call will appear not only on Facebook, but also on your business website and in blogs. In this way we create efficient synergies.

Facebook risks: loss of control and reduced reach

Do you think Facebook is risky? Don’t worry – by reliably checking comments and answering any user questions promptly and competently, we ensure that there are no conflicts on your Facebook page. In this way we minimize the risk that your image could be damaged.

For some time now, Facebook has been using ever new algorithms to ensure that users are not flooded with advertising. It certainly makes sense for the user, but annoying for the companies, because their posts only reach about 10 % of the fans who have laboriously “worked out”. In this way, Facebook forces companies and brands to pay for ads – at least for messages that are intended to reach as many people as possible. However, in comparison to all other (online) marketing measures, Facebook also offers the serious advantage that the advertising – Facebook Ads – can be played out very specifically according to socio-demographic criteria and preferences.

What are you waiting for? Get started with Facebook Marketing!

In short, there are no reasons not to use Facebook Marketing if you can only make sure that specialists like us are at work! If you would like to learn more about Facebook marketing or blogger relations, please contact us today. We look forward to your call!

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